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Lendingpot offers exclusive home loan rates and collaborates with trusted banks to provide a seamless and efficient application process for our customers.

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You deserve the best rates and our wide panel of lenders will get you the best rates. If we can’t beat your offer on hand, you get a free coffee on us.

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While, our user-friendly online application makes the process hassle-free, our dedicated Mortgage Loan Officers are ready to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to schedule a one-on-one session if you need extra support.

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Not only is our service free, but you will receive a cashback of up to 0.05%* when you get a mortgage loan through us.

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After you have understood the three concepts, it is time for you to put your affordability to the test. Simply key in the few details and it will let you know the maximum value of the property you can afford.

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Get your dream home financed of S$200,000 with the most competitive home loan rates in Singapore based on a loan term of 25 years, starting from as low as

$ 0,000.00
$ 0,000.00
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2 years
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Rates and fees as of 8 May 2024
The home loan recommendations is an estimate. The results do not include other factors such as lock-in period. To obtain a more comprehensive understanding of your potential savings, we recommend reaching out to one of our mortgage specialists.

How does Lendingpot mortgages work?

Applying for a home loan with Lendingpot is simple with an application that can be done all online. Our fully automated assistant via WhatsApp, guides you through a series of questions tailored to your mortgage requirements.


Get started with our virtual assistant on WhatsApp for us to understand your needs.

With our virtual assistant on WhatsApp, you can swiftly indicate whether it's a new purchase or a refinance in just a matter of minutes.


Our virtual assistant will share with you the best available options based on your needs.

Once you've provided the necessary information, the bot will promptly generate your personalised rates. Within seconds!


Select the best option that meet your needs.

When you're ready to proceed, your contact details will be securely sent to the chosen bank, ensuring a seamless transition from inquiry to application.

Choose the mortgage loan that’s right for you

Select from a variety of home loans with mortgage rates and monthly payments that work your budget.

1M SORA: 3.6613%

3M SORA: 3.6917%

2 Years | Fixed


1 Year | Floating

3M SORA + 0.50%

2 Years | Floating

3M SORA + 0.50%
Updated as of 13 May 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I talk to a mortgage broker when I can go directly to the bank?

Mortgage brokers assist you in comparing home loan offers from all Singaporean banks and financial institutions. We are aware of the most affordable fixed and SORA home loan rates. The best housing loan rates in Singapore may be found right here if you're seeking for them. Lendingpot also has access to exclusive rates and packages that are not accessible to the general public as a result of our long-standing connections with our partners. We also collaborate with trustworthy banks and legal companies, to whom we entrust our clients with. They make sure the procedure for applying for a house loan is quick and easy. The best part is that our service is always free and we share rebates with our clients.

Should I get fixed or floating rates for my mortgage? 

The fixed rate is safer and more reliable since it won't move in response to market changes. It is often higher than the floating rate, though, and if the market is down, you run the danger of getting locked in at a high rate. The SORA variable or floating rate is more unstable and subject to fluctuation. Recent COVID-19 epidemic has caused floating rates to reach a new low. They have however recovered above pre-covid levels. Therefore there is a risk to either rate choice. Simply said, there is no absolute better option. Your future expectations, risk tolerance, and anticipated market swings will all play a role in determining whether a fixed rate or variable rate is better for you.

When should I refinance my mortgage? 

Generally speaking, if your lock-in and claw-back periods for your mortgage loan are due to end or if there is a sizable disparity between your loan interest rate and current market rates, it is a good time to refinance. If unsure, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a free consultation.

What are the other cost of refinancing? 

Usually, one must pay for valuation and legal expenses. Some banks may additionally levie a one-time processing fee for commercial properties. There may be additional costs if there are unique situations. However, the subsidies provided by the new bank can typically cover the cost entirely or in part. In order to prevent you from paying extra or hidden fees now or in the future, we make sure you understand all the charges and translate any technical terms.

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